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Terms of Service

Last updated: May 19, 2022

Parcelmagic is a domestic courier service provider operating primarily in Dhaka under Bangladesh's Post Office Act. Parcelmagic offers courier services for Person to Person, Business to Customer(s), Business to Business users, and it is done through its website, Android App, and iOS App.

  • Parcelmagic does not deliver fragile, liquid, or perishable items and will not be held accountable for the consequences if any such item has been provided from the sender’s end. Furthermore, if the damaged product damages another product, the sender will be held liable for it.
  • Parcelmagic does not deliver gold, arms, currency, or any other item that is prohibited by the Bangladesh Post Office Act. If any such prohibited item is discovered in a package, the sender will be held legally responsible for it.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, and other products that violate domestic rules and regulations will not be delivered by Parcelmagic.
  • Parcelmagic does not preserve proof of delivery for more than three days. If you have a problem with a delivered package, you must file a complaint within three days of receiving it.
  • If an issue arises as a result of a customer's incorrect entry or information, Parcelmagic will not be held accountable.
  • Parcelmagic will bear limited liability up to 5000 BDT in the event of loss or damage. Parcelmagic's lost and damage policy does not apply to products or parcels worth more than 5000 BDT.