Parcelmagic is Now The Proud Delivery Partner of Walcart, A Walton Subsidiary

Parcelmagic Admin

Aug 25, 2022

Parcelmagic signed a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Walton Group's sister company, Walcart on 23rd of August, 2022, in the presence of Shaerul H Joarder, CEO of Parcelmagic and Fahim Zaman Anik, Executive Director and CEO of Walcart.

Walton Group, the country's biggest manufacturer, marketer, and exporter of electronics and technology products, has officially established Walcart Ltd, an E-commerce marketplace aiming at developing the largest local online market platform and delivery network.

With thousands of merchants connected to this new online platform, Walcart aims to be the top e-commerce company in the country providing goods and services in more than 30 categories, including products of Walton itself.

Parcelmagic, a fully tech-based fast delivery service company that began its journey around the same time as Walcart, started out with a fresh, young team with the goal of being the fastest parcel delivery service company in Bangladesh to help such e-commerce businesses provide user-friendly, fast, tech-driven services to their customers without any hassle.

When the pandemic first struck, Parcelmagic saw the enormous development potential of E-Commerce and F-Commerce businesses in Bangladesh and set out on its adventure to provide the best  tech-driven courier service to help connect products and customers with the highest visibility and utmost customer satisfaction. They began with a modest system that covers Dhaka, but they intend to eventually expand to include all of the districts in Bangladesh.

Parcelmagic prioritises its merchants, works diligently to ensure their complete satisfaction, and believes in fostering long-term connections with its clients. With the help of cutting-edge technology, Parcelmagic keeps its app and merchant panel features up to date with first-rate synchronisation and a huge number of tracking stages to maintain a transparent and quick delivery service. Parcelmagic provides support for merchant logistic solutions in addition to providing personal delivery services (Person to Person).

There have been a large number of agreements made in a short span of time since its launch, but Parcelmagic considers this signing with Walcart a giant leap for them as a new, tech-based courier service company. Parcelmagic has committed to work relentlessly in collaboration with Walton's new subsidiary in the hopes of long-term success together.

A few words from Shaerul H. Joarder (Neel), the CEO of Parcelmagic, on delivering services and upholding client satisfaction:

“We are always focused on creating innovations that leverage technology beyond pick-up and drop. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. So, all our team members understand your feelings and seamlessly connect happiness through deliveries with care.”