How to Use Parcelmagic Merchant Panel

Parcelmagic Admin

Aug 11, 2022

If you are an entrepreneur running an E-Commerce, F-Commerce, or a corporate company in need of quick delivery services, register as a merchant with Parcelmagic and we will be at your service with appealing features and offers. We designed our merchant panel to be user-friendly, and we are continually improving it so that you can get the most out of it. This article is a step-by-step guide that will help you to easily understand and use our merchant panel. 

Table of Content

  • How to Register as a Merchant 
    • Personal Information
    • Business Information
    • Pick Up Information
  • Placing a New Order 
    • Placing a Single Order 
      • Receivers Information
      • Merchants Information
      • Parcel Information
  • Placing Bulk Order 
    • CSV Format
    • Web Format
  • Track Your Parcel
  • Billing Cycle
  • Bill History
  • Pay Bill

How to Register as a Merchant 

From our website navigate to the SIGNUP button in the top right corner. To begin registration, enter your phone number and then click on SIGNUP.

Part 1: Personal Information 

Step 1: Enter your full name.

Step 2: Enter an alternate phone number for security purposes, then click NEXT.

Step 3: Enter your NID number, and click on NEXT to proceed.

Part 2: Business Information 

Step 1: Enter the name of your business.

Step 2: Enter the email address of your business.

Step 3:  Select the type of your business. For example: Choose E-Commerce if you have a website, or F-Commerce if you have a Facebook page.

Step 4: Insert the link to your business page (Eg: website link or Facebook page link).

Step 5: (Optional) You may add this if you have a trade license, as it is optional.

Step 6: Choose the payment option you wish to use for COD charge payment settlements. 

Step 7: Enter your account number if you pick Nagad or Bkash. If you select the bank option, begin by entering the bank name, then your bank account number, branch name, and routing number, and then click SUBMIT.

Part 3: Pick Up Information


Step 1: Enter the city or division where the parcel will be picked up from.

Step 2: Choose your pickup area from the drop-down 

Step 3: Enter the pickup address in detail.

Step 4: Create a new password and retype it to confirm. Password must be at least 8 characters long and contain one uppercase & one lowercase character with numbers.

Step 5: Wait for Parcelmagic to call you within the following 1-2 days to formally activate your account. Following the completion of the communication, you will get a text message from us on your registered phone number confirming the activation of your account. You have successfully joined our active merchant panel. If you have any further queries, feel free to email at 

Placing a New Order

After you become a merchant with us, you will have full access to our easy-to-use merchant panel. We offer two separate methods for placing a new order to make it simpler for you. One method is to place a single order, while the other is for bulk orders. 

Placing a Single Order