10 Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing A Delivery Partner for Your Business

Parcelmagic Admin

Sep 28, 2022

Since the pandemic, there has been a rise in online businesses such as F-commerce and E-commerce. As the delivery of goods to clients is a crucial component of their service, it is customary for such businesses to team up with an effective logistics team. There are merchants who sell anything from large items to small ones that always need to be transported by road to be delivered to consumers on time. Some businesses have their own internal delivery transportation however many businesses outsource the delivery of their goods to third parties because they don't want the trouble of dealing with permits, fuel expenses, laws, driver training, and taxes. If you are an entrepreneur as such, finding the appropriate courier service to help you grow your business is one of the most important aspects of selling online.

Every client engagement has an overall influence on your company's image, and sloppy or inconsistent customer service can cause significant damage.
So, if you want your company to be recognized as dependable and competent, it is crucial to choose the right courier company to manage your delivery and freight in order for your company to attain the best level of customer service. All of this may cloud your thinking and cause you to get puzzled. But don't worry, we're here to assist you to limit the possibilities of problems by suggesting solutions so you can make an informed decision about which delivery service provider is ideal for your business.


Below are the key factors one should keep in mind before deciding on a delivery service company for their own business-

Service Availability and Restrictions

Different courier companies serve various customer base with different needs; consequently, it is important to confirm a certain delivery company's availability of services ahead of time. You must ensure that the courier service provider you select is knowledgeable about the nature of your business. The company should be informed of the volume and type of your daily order so as to handle the safe transportation of your products with adequate resources.

Each delivery company has distinct restrictions on the weights and sizes of the packages. It's necessary to learn what limitations and restrictions these courier services have in order to avoid issues with service availability. These companies evaluate the size and weight of their deliveries by measuring your products using volumetric weight. It will have an impact on their capacity to transport and deliver your items because it is regarded as the item's net weight.


Implementation of Cutting-Edge Technology

It is important to make sure that the courier company is completely operational using advanced technology. A technologically equipped platform or program that maintains discrete panels for merchants, customers, and delivery riders can assist organize deliveries efficiently even on a big scale. Managing many orders from different e-commerce clients manually might result in delayed delivery, poor operational transparency, customer dissatisfaction, and a variety of other challenges. Using courier software, app or other tracking software improves the efficiency of delivery services.


An Insight into the Delivery Company’s Overall Journey

It is vital to look at the company's journey history when choosing a courier service for your business. A thorough understanding of the company's prior clientele, areas of specialization, and experience can provide a better image of how well the business can serve yours. Knowing the courier company's experience can help reassure you of timely, cost-effective deliveries and satisfied clients.


Area Coverage Range

To make sure you're getting the services you need, there are a number of important questions you should ask both yourself and your potential courier partner. What if you require delivery of something more quickly than the typical courier service? Does the shipping business offer express delivery? Do they even have this service?

Every company has specific zones or places where they conduct business. It is advised to conduct this study in advance to rule out any service mismatches of any kind. Additionally, if the delivery area for your item is local, you should pick a courier service provider accordingly. Such a provider would be more familiar with the area than a business that operates on a global or international basis. However, if your business sells globally, finding a courier who can easily manage both domestic and foreign deliveries is necessary if your delivery business sells globally.

Even while there may not always be a "time pressure" for deliveries, it is crucial to know if the organization can provide a faster delivery in times of need. It is safe to assume that they will have no trouble with the normal shipment if they can carry out rapid or express shipping with ease. Make sure the business you associate with can offer a superior level of service.


Real-Time Tracking

Tracking is a key component of delivery in all its forms. Any reputable logistics provider should be able to provide thorough tracking so you always know where your package is in the whole delivery process. The majority of courier service companies provide tracking, however, the information is sometimes insufficient for B2B deliveries. Many tracking solutions group the whole logistics procedure under the heading "in transit," which is not helpful for a business that wants to know exactly where their package is and when delivery can be anticipated to be completed. On the other hand, many services have an improved, more detailed tracking system that is very helpful to both senders and receivers in knowing the delivery status of parcels.

Superior courier services can provide "real-time" tracking, which almost eliminates the possibility of misplaced parcels and allows businesses to keep track of their shipments at all times. Additionally, businesses may provide online tracking tools and SMS services. Similarly, if you work with a business that will assign you an account manager, you have yet another method to utilize to check on the progress of your shipments. For updates on your package, you can easily get in touch with your account manager. Businesses must be able to track shipments, therefore you shouldn't miss the part of asking the logistics provider you want to work with about their tracking system alternatives and what options they have available in case of emergencies.



Flexibility is a big deal when choosing a delivery partner for your business. A flexible service will always allow making quick decisions and coming up with solutions when unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances occur. 

A business delivery partner would be unlikely to be able to overcome potential barriers if they don't offer a high level of flexibility. One of the most crucial factors to take into account is the flexibility of a B2B courier. Would they be able to plan adaptable routes on short notice? Would you still receive your package on time if the original delivery route had to be changed because it was not feasible? You can only be certain that you are obtaining a logistics solution that your business can rely on by asking these questions and receiving favorable replies.


Payment Policies

It is crucial to be aware of a delivery service provider's payment policies and procedures in advance because each business transaction involves money and every company has a distinct approach to it. Always confirm when the company agrees to settle your payments following successful delivery. Find out whether they have a policy for same-day or next-day delivery and how accommodating they are when it comes to choosing a payment method. Beyond COD or cash on delivery, a smart delivery service should accept every other type of digital payment. Companies are developing more adaptable concepts every day to give their consumers and merchants a hassle-free experience, including pick and pay and other developments.

So, before you choose to add any courier service provider to your list, make sure to pay attention to the payment aspect that they provide.


Insurance Coverage Policy

Any e-commerce or other type of business must consider the security and insurance of its items. It is advised to review the courier's insurance coverage before choosing a courier service provider because it should reduce your anxiety regarding the safe delivery of your parcels.


Dedicated Account Managers

Each merchant should have a specialized account manager assigned by their delivery partner to them in order to continually maintain efficient delivery and customer satisfaction. An account manager will not only facilitate internal communication but the entire logistics process will also be streamlined and made much simpler. It is vital to recognize just how much simpler the procedure may be because many courier companies either cannot or do not offer this service. You just need one point of contact for all services when you work with a company that does provide an account manager to handle all of your B2B logistics.

Account managers act as your point of contact with the delivery service, so you won't have to speak with a variety of people all the time who might give you different information at different times and create a mess. You will only need to contact your account manager, who is in charge of all logistical aspects of your company. Every step of your logistics process will be organized and facilitated by them, taking the stress and agony out of it, and making the whole procedure much simpler.

A specialized courier company will always provide a dedicated account manager as a point of contact for every merchant who can give timely updates and keep in touch to ensure everything is going according to plan.


Competitive Pricing

It is important to analyze the price and cost associated with the courier company you decide to select. It might not always be wise to go for the cheapest rate as cost efficiency may not necessarily equate to the best value. Don’t be tempted to just go for the cheapest option, as you might be compromising on quality. Look out for hidden charges or other reasons the price might be so low and go for the best option suitable for your business, not the cheapest.


Special Features and Offers

The specialties offered by various courier services differ, such as insurance coverage, packaging service, smart printing, API integrations, Inventory management, and others. Finding a delivery service provider with all the characteristics at once can be very challenging. Therefore, be specific about which company can be providing the ideal deals that are most effective for your company.


Final Thoughts

Business requirements vary by sector and other factors, and they are always evolving. Companies that currently excel in providing a great client experience cannot become easily complacent. A brand that values its customers understands that changes must be made periodically. Companies that are agile and willing to use design thinking to improve the customer experience are more open to change. To re-engineer and alter the customer journey means redefining how well consumers engage with the business. It is thus fair to suggest that you keep an eye out for as many delivery companies as you can in order to stay current with their updates and select the most suitable delivery service provider for the steady growth of your business.