About Us

Parcelmagic is a technology-based logistics company that offers end-to-end services such as parcel deliveries for small businesses, document and parcel couriers for individuals, and corporate logistics service solutions. For large, small to medium companies, or individuals, delivering shipments and envelopes may be an urgent, frequent, and occasional necessity. We aspire to serve these segments by providing the best quality services from person to person (P2P), corporate & SMEs, and online businesses.

We provide seamless delivery service through the website, Android and iOS apps. App users can place and track orders. Registered merchants can see an overview of their orders and transactions with detailed reporting on the merchant panel. We have a robust recipient management module that will record the recipient’s information for every delivery.

We take pride in offering unique and customised solutions for all clients and have been outrivaling in the courier/logistics industry with unparalleled technology and service offerings for the past year. Eventually, our target is to be one of the top leading courier service platforms throughout Bangladesh.


Smart delivery rolled out on an intelligent technology platform to cover every partner around the corner of the city and achieve the highest rank in the industry.


Developing an innovative delivery network to access from desktop to smartphone across the country, with utmost visibility.

Our Team

Parcelmagic places high importance on its employees. We are proud of our team members' remarkable abilities and skills, which contribute to every client contact being great. We encourage our employees to grow within the organisation by providing them with the tools to develop their careers and managerial skills for consistent growth alongside the company itself.